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The Outbreak not infected by goods to good

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The Outbreak not infected by goods to good
Issue Time:2020-03-18
As you know, the world is focusing on the Outbreak that happened in China, I’d like to let you know a few things:

The Outbreak happened in Wuhan City in China, and the most serious cities are only in Hubei Province, other provinces like Zhejian, Guanggong and Suzhou are not seriously affected.
The Outbreak can only be infected by human to human through the air with closed contact, NOT by goods to good.
China is now doing every possible means to make everything is under control, and I do believe that you will hear more good news soon.
The WHO (World Health Organization) announced that it is just a  PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) but not an “Affected Area”.
Please feel relax to do the business with us, and your trust and support will be the best confidence contribution to our battle. Your trust and effort will return you more in the future.