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What is calcium ammonium nitrate? What are the characteristics of calcium ammonium nitrate?

What is calcium ammonium nitrate? What are the characteristics of calcium ammonium nitrate?

Jul 20,2018
Calcium ammonium nitrate is a compound fertilizer composed of ammonium nitrate and calcium nitrate or mixed with calcium carbonate; calcium nitrate is due to the presence of calcium, so the nitrogen content is lower than ordinary ammonium nitrate, nitrogen content Generally at 26%; but calcium ammonium nitrate is a safer nitrate nitrogen fertilizer than ammonium nitrate.

Characteristics of calcium ammonium nitrate:

Characteristics 1. Calcium ammonium nitrate can improve the soil and increase the structure of the pellets so that the soil does not agglomerate. Moreover, more than 90% of the ammonium nitrate calcium is nitrate nitrogen, and the rest is ammonium nitrogen, and the water-soluble calcium oxide is 25%.

Characteristics 2. Calcium nitrate is safe and easy to store and handle. Because calcium ammonium nitrate is a substitute for ammonium nitrate, it is a safer nitrate fertilizer than ammonium nitrate. Calcium ammonium nitrate has lower hygroscopicity than ordinary ammonium nitrate due to the presence of calcium, which improves agglomeration and thermal stability, and is less prone to fire and explosion hazard during storage and handling.

Characteristics 3. Ammonium nitrate contains a large amount of nitrate nitrogen, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants without conversion with ammonium nitrogen and amide nitrogen. Calcium is one of the nutrients necessary for the growth and development of crops. It plays an important role, such as potato brown spot, peanut leaf rust, celery black heart disease caused by calcium.

Characteristic 4, calcium nitrate calcium volatilization loss is small, thereby improving the utilization rate of fertilizer. Because calcium nitrate containing nitrate does not require soil conversion, it can be directly absorbed by crops, and the loss of nitrogen volatilization is small. As a base fertilizer or topdressing fertilizer, it can be quickly absorbed by crops, so that nitrogen can be quickly added to crops.

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