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Zinc Sulphate in Fertilizers

Zinc Sulphate in Fertilizers

Jul 7,2019

Zinc Sulphate


  • Zinc importance in plant nutrition is recognised after the introduction of high yielding varieties.
  • Zinc deficiency caused by intensive cropping.
  • 80% of rice land deficient in zinc.
  • After N and P zinc playing important role in rice.

Role in Plant System

  • Producing several enzymes
  • Responsible for chlorophyll formation.
  • Deficiency reduce photosynthetic activity.
  • Playing a role in N – metabolism.
  • Regulate auxin (hormone) production
  • Promotes nucleic acid production for protein synthesis

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Appearance of rusty brown spots and discoloration of older leaves starting from 2-3 weeks after planting.
  • Uneven crop stand.
  • Under acute conditions margins of older leaves dry up.
  • Under acute conditions margins of older leaves dry up.
  • Tillering and growth adversely affected (KHAIRA disease)
  • Fresh leaves smaller in size.
  • No uniform maturity of crop


  • Zinc sulphate – Zn SO4 7H2O (21%Zn)
  • ZnSO4 H2O (33% Zn)