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Application of magnesium sulfate in agriculture

Application of magnesium sulfate in agriculture

Mar 2,2020
Because magnesium is the main core element in chlorophyll, the growth of plants requires chlorophyll to perform photosynthesis to complete a series of growth activities, so as to increase the plant's resistance, promote the activation of enzymes, and make the soil difficult to compact and become loose and powerful. , Make the root system more developed, can fully absorb nutrients, and make plants more lush.

Sulfur is the main component of proteins and enzymes in plants. It can promote the development of the root system and enhance the redox effect in plants to increase the yield of crops. In particular, some plants have higher requirements for magnesium. For example, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. If they are given more magnesium fertilizer, they will produce more fruits.

Therefore, magnesium sulfate is an ideal raw material for making compound fertilizers. It can be mixed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc. to form a compound fertilizer according to the different requirements of different elements for each plant, so that it can give full play to its role. By using fruit trees in agriculture, Experiments on crops such as potatoes, vegetables, and tea have also found that compound fertilizers containing magnesium can make plants grow 15-20% more than compound fertilizers without magnesium. Therefore, magnesium sulfate is mainly used in agriculture to make compound fertilizers containing magnesium.

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