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Unsuitable fertilizers for orchards in autumn

Unsuitable fertilizers for orchards in autumn

Jun 8,2020
Unsuitable fertilizer in orchard in autumn
The fertilizer that should not be used in autumn is nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise it will easily cause autumn shoots, which will consume the nutrients stored in the plant and affect the growth of the next year. Some plants need to be dormant in winter, and the dormancy of plants in autumn shoots will be delayed, and they are susceptible to frost damage after winter comes.

Principles of fertilization in orchards in autumn
1. Applying base fertilizer in autumn should be carried out immediately after picking the fruit and clearing the garden. Early maturing varieties are carried out after fruit harvest, and mid-late maturing varieties can be carried out before fruit harvest. Apply no later than one month before the fruit tree leaves.

2. In autumn, fertilization should be based on organic fertilizers and supplemented with inorganic fertilizers, so as to achieve the combination of soil improvement and support, slow effect and complementarity.

3. Fertilizers should be formulated and fertilized. It is not advisable to apply too much nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise it will easily lead to winter shoots. At the same time, it is necessary to rationally apply trace elements in a targeted manner. The application of calcium fertilizer can reduce the incidence of diseases such as soft rot of fruit trees, improve the quality of fruits, and facilitate the storage and transportation of fruits. Since the photosynthesis after fruit bagging is weakened, it is not conducive to the absorption of calcium by fruits, and the application of calcium fertilizer should be paid more attention to . The application of boron fertilizer can significantly improve the fruit setting rate and yield of fruit trees, and it has a very significant effect on the prevention and cure of fruit tree shrinkage diseases. The application of zinc fertilizer has a significant effect on correcting lobular disease of fruit trees.

Matters needing attention in autumn orchard fertilization
1. Do not dilute the fertilization and ditch too much, otherwise it will cause the root system to rise, which is not conducive to drought resistance and cold resistance of fruit trees.

2. The original organic organic fertilizer must be rotted, do not directly apply raw chicken manure, raw sheep manure, etc., otherwise the roots will be burned, causing the tree to weaken, die or induce rot.

3. Good water conservancy conditions, watering after fertilization to facilitate root absorption.