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Side effects of compound fertilizer for growing flowers, matters needing attention when using compound fertilizer.

Side effects of compound fertilizer for growing flowers, matters needing attention when using compound fertilizer.

Aug 10,2020
When raising potted flowers, we must not neglect fertilization. Proper fertilization of potted flowers has great benefits for the growth and blooming of flowers. Organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer for potted flowers, but when is it suitable to apply organic fertilizer for potted flowers What? What should be paid attention to?

Side effects of compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizer can be used to grow flowers. Fertilizing in the planting field: When fertilizing, you can dig holes or trenches 20-30 cm away from the flowers and plants, and then apply fertilizer. After fertilization, cover the soil and pour water to prevent burning roots. Fertilizing in the flowerpot: Before fertilizing, make as many holes or soil holes in the middle of the flowerpot as possible to disperse the fertilizer during fertilization to avoid fertilizer damage due to excessive concentration of fertilizer.

Pay attention to using compound fertilizer

1. Pay attention to the ratio

Choose a nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium element with a similar ratio, such as 15-15-15. At the same time, you must pay attention to the amount and concentration. After a little careless use, it will burn the roots and yellow leaves, drop the leaves, and even affect The result of the growth of the whole flower is unimaginable.

A flower friend used too much compound fertilizer on the potted gardenia before, and the leaves were all yellow in just a few days, so we should not take it lightly when using compound fertilizer, as long as we pay attention to the dosage, it will be fine. Problem.

2. Secondly, it depends on the size of the potted plant

The diameter of the flowerpot is larger than 30 cm. You can use a little bit more. If the flowerpot is very small, the amount used should not be too large. We can take a mineral water bottle cap, put it in a small bottle cap, and then prepare water. The general dilution ratio is , 1:1000.

That is, one gram of compound fertilizer is about two catties of water. Actually, the potted plants we keep at home are not too big, and the ratio of dilution is larger, which will be safer. You can also compound a few grains. Fertilizer, put it on the edge of the flowerpot, cover it with soil, and then water it thoroughly, be sure to stay away from the branches and roots, so that it can also be used.

3. Specific use method of compound fertilizer

Note that if the compound fertilizer is mixed with water, it must not be sprayed directly on the branches and leaves of the plant. This will easily burn the yellow leaves and cause fat damage, so it should be poured on the soil surface of the flowerpot.

At the same time, when growing flowers and fertilizing, do not use compound fertilizer every time. Whether it is fertilizing rose, gardenia, or clivia, do not use too many times. It can be mixed with organic fertilizer and other organic fertilizers. Fertilizer, take turns to use, so the quality of the pot soil is better, more loose, breathable and fertile. The correct way to use compound fertilizer, less use and more use will not work, use the right way to grow flowers and explode!