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How to mix fertilizers? Which fertilizers cannot be mixed?

How to mix fertilizers? Which fertilizers cannot be mixed?

Oct 12,2020
In the process of agricultural production, the use of fertilizer is inseparable. Everyone knows that different fertilizers have different effects. If they are used in combination, some effects will be better, but if they are not mixed properly, there will be some harm. How to mix fertilizer? Which fertilizers cannot be mixed?

How to mix fertilizer

1. Pay attention to the application time

Organic fertilizer is slow and should be applied in advance. Generally, a one-time base application before planting or planting is required. Before use, a fully fermented and decomposed organic fertilizer is selected. The effect of topdressing in the later period is not as obvious as that of base fertilizer.

Chemical fertilizer is fast, and it should be applied about a week in advance when used as a base fertilizer. When topdressing, it should be applied before the critical period of crop nutrition or the peak period of nutrient absorption to meet its needs.

Biological bacteria fertilizer can only play the role of bacteriostasis after being multiplied in the soil, so it must be applied early before planting to allow time for reproduction and growth. It can be applied to the soil together with organic fertilizer or before planting Or point application when planting.

2. Pay attention to the dosage

Different crops have different growth periods and require different amounts of fertilizer, so you can't apply more or less. Fertilizers should be fertilized according to the proportion of fertilizers they need, and at the same time, we must also pay attention to the nutrient elements in the soil and make a comprehensive consideration. Perform a soil test and fertilize according to the soil test formula.

3. Pay attention to the application method

The main function of organic fertilizer is to improve the soil, and at the same time it can provide nutrients. Generally, organic fertilizer is applied to the soil before planting crops. Therefore, it is necessary to combine deep plowing to completely mix organic fertilizer and soil to achieve the purpose of improving the soil.

In basal fertilizer, because the nutrients in organic fertilizer are mainly phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen, organic fertilizer should be used in combination with chemical fertilizer. Phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer can be applied as base fertilizer at one time. Phosphate fertilizer has poor mobility and poor post-applying effect, so phosphate fertilizer should be applied as base fertilizer to the soil.

The topdressing chemical fertilizer is mainly fully soluble fertilizer, which can be quickly absorbed by crops after decomposition, and has little impact on the soil.

Biological bacterial fertilizer can be topdressed with the same species many times to strengthen the flora, improve the ability of dissolving phosphorus and potassium and preventing diseases.

Which fertilizers cannot be mixed

1. Superphosphate cannot be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as plant ash, lime nitrogen and lime. Because superphosphate contains free acid, it is acidic, and the above alkaline fertilizer contains more calcium. If it is mixed with superphosphate, it will cause acid-base reaction, reduce fertilizer efficiency, and cause calcium to fix phosphorus, causing both losses. .

2. Alkaline fertilizers such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphate fertilizers cannot be mixed with ammonium nitrogen fertilizers. Because the mixed application of alkaline fertilizers and ammonium nitrogen fertilizers (such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, etc.) will cause the volatilization of ammonia and reduce fertilizer efficiency. Farmyard fertilizers such as human and animal manure cannot be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as calcium, magnesium, phosphate fertilizer, plant ash, lime nitrogen, and lime. Because the main component of human and animal manure is nitrogen. If mixed with alkaline fertilizers, it will neutralize and become ineffective.