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What kind of fertilizer is boron fertilizer? The role of boron fertilizer. How to use it?

What kind of fertilizer is boron fertilizer? The role of boron fertilizer. How to use it?

Nov 30,2020
When it comes to boron fertilizer, many agricultural friends are familiar with it. As one of the seven essential elements for plant growth and development, boron plays a very important role in the growth of plants. It can be very useful on crops. Let's talk with the editor about what kind of fertilizer is boron fertilizer, the role of boron fertilizer on crops and how to use it.

What kind of fertilizer is boron fertilizer

Boron fertilizer is a fertilizer with a specified amount of boron to provide plant nutrients for its main functions. Conventional boron fertilizer refers to boron chemical products based on borax, boric acid, and boron-magnesium fertilizers as trace element fertilizers for agriculture.

The role of boron fertilizer:

1. It is conducive to plant fertilization and seed formation, because it can make crop pollen germinate quickly, and make the pollen tube quickly enter the ovary;

2. It plays an important role in the growth and elongation of crop roots, because boron can promote crop cell elongation and cell division;

3. It can enhance the resistance of crops, such as drought resistance, cold resistance and resistance to physiological diseases, and the nitrogen fixation ability of legume crop rhizobia has been greatly improved;

4. It can increase the fruit setting rate and the seed setting rate of legumes, because boron fertilizer is also an essential participant in the process of carbohydrate transportation and metabolism in crops.

How to use boron fertilizer

(1) Basal application: mix boron fertilizer with farmyard manure, chemical fertilizer or appropriate amount of fine soil as basal fertilizer in hole or strip application when sowing, try to avoid contact with seeds.

(2) Watering: mix boron fertilizer with human and animal manure water fertilizer or chemical fertilizer aqueous solution, and pour it into the planting hole as base fertilizer when sowing or pour it on the rape seedlings in the early and middle stages of rape growth as top dressing. The effect of applying boron fertilizer is better. Dry application or foliar application is better.