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How to use mineral-source potassium fulvic acid with good effect

How to use mineral-source potassium fulvic acid with good effect

Feb 8,2021

Mineral potassium fulvic acid is now a popular plant growth regulator. So, how to use mineral potassium fulvic acid to have a good effect?

Instructions for use of mineral potassium fulvic acid

1. Vegetables

Drip irrigation and flushing, each dosage per mu: leafy vegetables 200g-400g/mu at the seedling stage, 500g-800g/mu at the seedling stage (the dosage can be increased appropriately for tomato crops), the interval between each use is 7-15 days. Base fertilizer 400g (1 bag)/mu is used with conventional fertilizer.

2. Fruit trees

Drip irrigation and flushing, 1-2 bags per mu each time; 10-20g per tree per root for single root irrigation (10g per tree for small trees, 20g per tree for big trees); 1-2 bags for bottom application in accordance with conventional The fertilizer is used at intervals of 10-15 days between each use, and the amount used is adjusted according to the size of the fruit tree.

3. Field crops

Drip irrigation and flushing, the dosage is 200g-300g per mu each time, and 1-2 bags per mu for bottom application are used in conjunction with conventional fertilizers.


Vegetables 5000 times liquid spray;

7500 times liquid of corn and rice;

15000 times solution of wheat;

3000-5000 times liquid for fruit trees. The amount used can be adjusted appropriately due to different crops.

Conversion of spraying concentration: if diluted 3000 times, 5g is mixed with water 30 kg; if diluted 5000 times, 3g is mixed with water 30 kg.

Attention to the use of mineral potassium fulvic acid

1. Excessive use

As a functional fertilizer, potassium fulvate from mineral sources can improve the soil micro-environment, stimulate crop growth, improve the quality of fruits and vegetables and increase the output, and can seize the opportunity to market in advance. It is deeply loved by fruit and vegetable growers . The principle that the extremes of matter must be reversed is not groundless. Excessive use will inhibit the growth of crops. Understand the technology, use mineral potassium fulvic acid rationally, and give full play to the strengths of mineral potassium fulvic acid.

2. Dissolve and place

The water quality varies from place to place. The mineral potassium fulvic acid may flocculate after being dissolved in water for a long time. Please dissolve it immediately.

3. Avoid mixed use of trace elements and acid fertilizers

Mineral potassium fulvic acid is alkaline, and mixed use with traditional medium-trace elements and acidic fertilizers may cause antagonism. Please use them separately to ensure the effect.