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When is the top dressing good for corn? Which fertilizer should I choose?

When is the top dressing good for corn? Which fertilizer should I choose?

Jun 14,2021
In the process of planting corn, the application of fertilizer is a very important part of the growth process of corn. Reasonable fertilization can increase the yield of corn and enhance the disease resistance. However, there are many types of corn fertilizer, which often confuses farmers. Which one to choose. So when is the top dressing good for corn? Which fertilizer should I choose?

When is the top dressing good for corn?

1. Reasonably determine the top dressing time. If topdressing three times, the seedling should not be topdressed too early, 5-6 leaves are appropriate, so that the seedlings will grow thick and strong; the jointing fertilizer is generally 10-11 leaves, and the mechanical operation can be appropriately advanced to avoid agricultural machinery. Damaged seedlings; ear fertilizer should pay attention to the amount of nitrogen fertilizer to prevent greediness; if topdressing fertilizer once, topdressing jointing fertilizer should be used.

2. Do deep fertilization. Maize topdressing must be applied deeply, otherwise it will reduce fertilizer utilization. The most suitable depth is 5-10 cm, and cover soil in time.

3. Look at the growth and top dressing. For plots with uneven seedlings, strong seedlings and weak seedlings should be treated differently when topdressing. Weak seedlings should be topdressed appropriately. If necessary, foliar fertilizer can be sprayed separately to promote early growth and growth of weak seedlings; proper topdressing time for strong seedlings Snooze.

4. Appropriate application of potassium fertilizer. In the case of insufficient potassium application in the base fertilizer, an appropriate amount of potassium fertilizer can be applied to make up for the lack of potassium.

Which fertilizer should I choose?

One is to use high-nitrogen compound fertilizer. Because the demand for nitrogen (N) in most crops during their lifetime is roughly twice that of phosphorus (P2O5), or even more;

The second is to appropriately increase the amount of fertilizer. If compound fertilizer is used, one mu should not be less than 30-40 kg;

The third is not to leave it alone. After jointing, especially during the corn bell-mouth period, take a look at the field. If there is defertilization, add 5-10 kg of urea per mu in time. Topdressing 15:15:15 compound fertilizer 25 kg per acre is not ideal. One is that the nutrient ratio of nitrogen is low, and the other is that the amount of fertilizer is too small, and there is a possibility of defertilization in the later stage.