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What kind of fertilizer is good for strawberry fertilization? What are the requirements of strawberry for elements?

What kind of fertilizer is good for strawberry fertilization? What are the requirements of strawberry for elements?

Jun 28,2021
In the process of strawberry planting, we often use water-soluble fertilizer and foliar fertilizer to provide nutrition for the growth of strawberries, but many growers experience burning, wilting, withering, and lack of energy during the use process, which are all fertilizer damage result. So, what kind of fertilizer is good for strawberry fertilization? What are the strawberry needs for elements? Let’s take a look!

What are the strawberry needs for elements

1. Nitrogen fertilizer: Nitrogen fertilizer can promote the healthy growth of strawberry seedlings, but the swollen fruit generally has a low sweetness, and the strawberry starts to appear sweetness at the late stage of maturity. At this time, proper control of nitrogen can increase the sweetness of the fruit. Nitrogen is also an element for the synthesis of plant growth hormones, but excessive nitrogen will cause strawberries to grow longer and cause fruit swelling to decrease. Mastering the right amount of nitrogen is the most critical key to fruit swelling.

2. Phosphate fertilizer: Phosphate fertilizer can make strawberry colorful, bright and plump.

3. Potassium fertilizer: Potassium fertilizer can promote the growth of strawberry roots, enhance the resistance of strawberries, and increase the sugar content, color and flavor of strawberry fruits. Potassium fertilizer generally needs to be supplemented after the strawberry blooms and the fruit matures. The leaves are sprayed with potassium fertilizer to ensure the healthy growth of strawberries.

4. Calcium and boron: For strawberries, calcium supplementation can increase fruit hardness, but boron deficiency can easily lead to calcium deficiency. Therefore, boron and calcium supplementation is better for improving strawberry calcium supplementation, and boron can also promote strawberry flower bud differentiation and color change Therefore, for boron-calcium foliar fertilizer, it is recommended to spray on the leaves before the strawberry blooms, and spray once every 7-15 days, so that the calcium supplement effect is better, the strawberry hardness is better in the later stage, and the fruit is not easy to soften.

5. Magnesium fertilizer: Magnesium is a necessary medium and trace element for the growth and development of strawberries. It is an important component of chlorophyll and can activate various enzymes and nucleic acids in the process of photosynthesis and respiration. Magnesium is a movable element. When magnesium deficiency occurs, symptoms first manifest on old leaves, with leaf margins yellowing, browning and scorching, inter-vein chlorosis and dark brown spots; later scorching worsens, dark brown spots develop into necrotic spots. In addition to the leaves, magnesium deficiency in fruit can also affect the yield and quality of strawberries, making the fruit taste weaker, hardness decreased, and accompanied by whitening.

What kind of fertilizer is good for strawberry fertilization

1. In the seedling stage, the strawberry has just been planted, and the growth and development of the root system is the key point. Generally speaking, only the root system can grow well can the strawberry grow well. Therefore, after one week of strawberry planting, apply root-promoting foliar fertilizer (special foliar fertilizer for Yeshuo strawberry) to develop the root system and promote root development.

2. During the flowering period and the strawberry flowering period, there will be a process of pollination and fruit setting. At this time, the strawberry is relatively fragile, and the nutrient demand is not large, so there is no need to use foliar fertilizer to avoid fertilizer damage.

3. Strawberries during the fruiting period need a lot of fertilizers to ensure the high quality of the strawberries. The application of nutritive foliar fertilizers (such as Yeshuohongguo Su + Yeshuo Boron and High Calcium) can fully supplement the needs of strawberry growth. Of nutrients.

4. During the dormant period, after the strawberry is picked, it needs to rest and reproduce the root system. At this time, add more nitrogen fertilizer (such as Yeshuo 13 element fertilizer) in the field, and use foliar fertilizer to prepare for the next year's growth.