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How to use calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizers for good results

How to use calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizers for good results

Nov 1,2021
Friends who have planting experience should be familiar with calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizers. It is widely used in various crops and acidic soils that lack phosphorus. So, how to use calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizers to have a good effect?

How to use calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizers for good results

1. Make base fertilizer and apply early

Calcium-magnesium phosphate fertilizer is most suitable for deep application of basal fertilizer, generally not applied as topdressing. Calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizer is alkaline fertilizer (pH 8.0-8.5). After it is applied to the soil, the phosphorus in it can only be dissolved by weak acid, and can be used by crops after a certain transformation process. Therefore, the fertilizer effect is slow, which is slow-acting. fertilizer. The dosage per mu is 15-20kg, and most of it should be applied to the soil layer with dense roots of 10-15cm.

2. It is suitable to be used as seed fertilizer and dipping seedling roots

Calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer has good physical properties and is suitable for seed fertilizer. The dosage is 5-10kg per mu, and the seed dressing is applied to the seed ditch or hole. For acidic paddy fields in the south where phosphorus is deficient, it can be mixed with 10-15kg per mu of mud before planting to dip the roots of the seedlings, and then transplant the panicles. Generally, the yield of the crop can be increased by more than 10% compared with that without the roots of the seedlings. When the rice field is lack of silicon, the effect of applying calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is good.

3. Apply after mixing with organic fertilizer or pile up

In order to improve the fertilizer efficiency of calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizer, it can be applied in advance with 10 times more high-quality pig manure, cow manure, stable manure, etc. after composting for 1-2 months to improve its fertilizer efficiency.

Precautions for the use of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer

1. Calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizer and general calcium and nitrogen fertilizers have a better effect, but they cannot be mixed with them.

2. Calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is usually not mixed with acid fertilizer, otherwise it will reduce the effect of fertilizer.

3. The dosage of calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizer should be appropriate, generally the dosage per mu should be controlled between 15-25 kg. Too much application of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, its fertilizer efficiency will not only not increase, but also the problem of diminishing returns will appear. Usually when applying 35-40 kg of calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizer per mu, it can be applied every other year.

4. Calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is suitable for crops with strong absorption capacity of citrate soluble phosphorus, such as rapeseed, radish, legume green manure, legume crops and melons.