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The effect of urea on plant growth

The effect of urea on plant growth

Jan 19,2024
The effect of urea on plant growth
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Urea is a commonly used and important nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen is an important component of proteins, nucleic acids, chlorophyll and other important substances in plants. The application of urea can promote plant metabolism, enhance photosynthesis, and improve plant yield and quality.

The effect of urea on plant growth

1. Provides a source of nitrogen: Urea is a fertilizer containing high concentrations of nitrogen that plants often need. Large amounts of nitrogen are needed to synthesize proteins and other biological molecules. Urea can pass through the root system. It is absorbed and supplies the nitrogen elements needed by plants to promote plant growth.

2. Promote chlorophyll synthesis: Chlorophyll is a pigment necessary for photosynthesis in plants. The nitrogen in urea can be used by plants to synthesize chlorophyll, thus promoting the synthesis of chlorophyll,produce greening of leaves and improve photosynthesis efficiency.

3. Improve plant disease resistance: The nitrogen in urea can enhance the plant's immune system,promote the synthesis of disease-resistant proteins and other defense substances in plants, and improve the disease resistance of plants.

4. Promote root growth: The nitrogen in urea can promote the growth and branching of the root system, increase the absorption area of the root system, and improve the plant's ability to absorb water and nutrients.

5. Increase crop yield: Appropriate application of urea can provide the nitrogen needed by plants, promote plant growth, flowering and fruiting, thereby increasing crop yield.

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Urea cannot be exported temporarily due to China's commodity inspection policy. How do we solve this problem?

We recommend that customers can purchase NPK by mixing urea with other fertilizers. If you have demand, you can contact us and we can give you suggestions or check if we can make a ratio according to your demand.

For example, we can mix urea and potassium fertilizer to produce NPK compound fertilizer 39.5-0-5 or 40-0-4.5

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