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How to fertilize peppers?

How to fertilize peppers?

Mar 15,2024
How to fertilize peppers
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1. In the early stage of pepper seedling slowing, top dressing should be lightly applied with nitrogen fertilizer or thin manure, which can promote peppers to grow leaves and strong branches and quickly pass the seedling slowing period.

2. When fertilizing peppers before flowering, you must pay attention to balance. You cannot apply a single type of fertilizer. You must pay attention to the balanced application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, so that peppers can bloom more and have more peppers.

3. During the fruiting period of peppers, you need to apply more phosphorus fertilizer, so that more peppers will be produced. When they mature, the ground will be full of red peppers.

Because the role of phosphate fertilizer is to promote the growth of new roots, increase the flowering rate and seed setting rate of crops, and also enhance the ability to resist cold, drought, lodging, and pests and diseases.

4. Before entering autumn, peppers should be fertilized early. The top dressing should be mainly compound fertilizers, and trace elements should also keep up. This is because after entering autumn, the growth cycle of peppers is about to end. Yellow leaves and dead leaves will increase, and the root system will age. Conducive to pepper flowering and fruit bearing. 

Therefore, supplement nutrients in advance. Potassium fertilizer can extend the life of leaves and promote photosynthesis of peppers. Calcium fertilizer can make branches and leaves strong, delay yellowing and early fall of leaves, and make leaves thicker. Nitrogen fertilizer can enhance its growth potential and improve the stress resistance of pepper cylinders. Make peppers prolific.

ammonium sulphate

It can be used to prevent diseases in fruit tree nurseries and is also a commonly used fertilizer to supplement crop zinc trace element fertilizer. It can be used as base fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, etc.

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