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What fertilizer is Urea Phosphate (UP 17-44-0) BY:Binny

What fertilizer is Urea Phosphate (UP 17-44-0) BY:Binny

May 11,2024
What fertilizer is Urea Phosphate (UP 17-44-0)

Urea phosphate is a high concentration nitrogen phosphorus complex fertilizer (total nutrient 61%), its dissolved aqueous solution is acidic, especially suitable for alkaline soil.

The effect of its characteristics on early and middle plant application is obviously better than that of urea, ammonium phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and other traditional fertilizers. 

Diammonium phosphate

Application suggestion

Suitable crops: cotton, tobacco, rape, melons and fruits, wheat, corn, rice, soybeans, sorghum and various vegetables such as: tomatoes, peppers, beans, garlic, ginger, leaf vegetables, medicinal materials and so on.

Mixed with other water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer, the effect is better.

Because the phosphorus content in the product is high and easy to be absorbed, the effect is better when used in the early stage of crop production.

This product is a weakly alkaline product, which has a certain coordinating effect on the modification of acidic soil.

Using drip irrigation, foliar fertilization and other fertilization methods, the fertilizer effect of this product is more obvious.

Formula fertilizer raw materials: fertilizer N, P source, can be mixed with other elements such as K formula fertilizer.

Diammonium phosphate

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