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Comprehensive Effects Of Humic Acid's Multiple Functions BY:Lydia

Comprehensive Effects Of Humic Acid's Multiple Functions BY:Lydia

Jun 5,2024
Comprehensive Effects Of Humic Acid's Multiple Functions

1. Humic acid is an organic colloidal substance with water absorption and water storage functions. Humic acid has a large cation exchange capacity, strong adsorption buffering and chelating ability, which can improve the nutrient utilization rate in the soil and buffer acid-base hazards. Humic acid is an organic macromolecular colloid with strong water absorption and water storage functions. The water absorption rate of clay particles is generally 50%-60%, while the water absorption rate of humic acid substances can reach 500%-600%. Therefore, the use of humic acid fertilizers is conducive to improving soil moisture conditions.

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2.When selecting the appropriate DAP, the first thing to consider is the specific crop type and soil conditions. Different crops have different demands for nitrogen and phosphorus ratios,

Therefore, choosing 57% DAP or 64% DAP based on the crops you are planting can better meet their nutrient needs. Soil testing is a powerful tool that can help you determine the nitrogen and phosphorus content in the soil in order to make informed choices.

3. Spraying humic acid liquid fertilizer on the leaves can reduce stomatal conductance and reduce water evaporation and loss. According to the test, wheat sprayed with humic acid, the stomatal conductance of wheat leaves was reduced by 33.7% compared with the control. According to the research of Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, spraying wheat with humic acid not only reduces the stomatal conductance of the leaves, but also reduces the opening of wheat stomata and closes the stomata, while also providing nutrients for wheat.

4. Humic acid can stimulate the growth of crop roots and enhance the water absorption capacity of the roots.

Humic acid contains a variety of chemically active and biologically active functional groups, which can stimulate the growth and development of crops, and can make seeds germinate, emerge, bloom and set fruits early. At the same time, it can also increase root length, root volume and root vitality, and enhance the ability of crop roots to absorb nutrients and water.

5.Humic acid can enhance the physiological regulation function of plants themselves and improve the cold resistance of crops.

The application of humic acid fertilizer can enhance the activity of enzymes in soil and plants, regulate the physiological metabolism of crops, and enhance the adaptability of crops to adverse environmental conditions.

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