CategoriesMKP(Mono Potassium Phosphate)
BrandRichase Magnesium Oxide Supplier
ModelP2O5%: 52%
Other NameMKP
Chemical formulaKH2PO4
AppearanceWhite Crystal
PackingPP+PE 25/50/1000/1250kg
Loading PortChongqing
CertificateISO, SGS, CIQ, CCIC, Intertek
Terms of PaymentT/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Molecular weight136.085541
CAS No.7778-77-0
FOB portChongqing
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update TimeMay 23,2024
Detail Information
Product Description

What is a MKP fertilizer ?

MKP (0-52-34) is the fertilizer, which contains highest amount of major elements, among other soluble fertilizers. Its formula is KH2PO4. As it contains no nitrogen, it is appropriate for plants that require intensive use of fertilizers. MKP fertilize can be the most suitable source of potassium and phosphorus when nitrogen use is contradictory. In other times it is also the preferred type of fertilizer as it can be given together with any kind of nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium, nitrate or urea nitrogen containing fertilizers).  `1`w 21     

Where is it used ?

As MKP fertilizer contains no such hazardous elements such as chlorine, sodium or heavy metals, it can be applied safely to all kinds of products. It is demonstratedthat MKP fertilizer application via leaves prevents fungi growth. When mixed with pesticides it is shown that it increases the effectiveness of such pesticides.

Application method

MKP fertilizer is suitable for application via leaves. As pH value of water used via sprinkler systems can be maintained at around 4,5, thanks to MKP fertilizer absorption of all major and trace elements is facilitated. Thanks to low EC value (0,7 mS/cm) risks for burns in leaves are too low and therefore it may even be used in high concentrations. It may be mixed with any soluble fertilizer; yet should not be used together with fertilizers containing calcium (Ca).

Technical Request
52 Min
34 Min
0.3 Max
Water insoluble matter%
0.15 Max
MKP is pure residue-free fully hydrosoluble monopotassium phosphate (0-52-34).

MKP it is best used at the beginning of plant development, when plants require large amount of Phosphorus in order to stimulate root growth. It can also be applied in pre-flowering stage and after fruit set to enhance flower fertilization and fruit growth.

MKP supplies crops with all the Phosphorus and Potassium they need and can be used as a source of Phosphorus for soilless crops. After fruit set it helps fruit ripening.

MAP can be mixed with other fertilizers to provide crops with the nutrients needed during the whole plant growth cycle. Do not mix the concentrated solution with Calcium-based and Magnesium fertilizers.


Fully hydrosoluble, no precipitation;
Low in Chlorine and Sodium;
No heavy metals;
Acidic pH;
Low salinity index;
Improved coloration and mechanical damage tolerance;
Boosted root growth.
Packaging & Storage
  • 1Available in 25kg or bulk bag.
  • 2To be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place.
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