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What kind of fertilizer is potassium nitrate? How is potassium nitrate applied to crops?

What kind of fertilizer is potassium nitrate? How is potassium nitrate applied to crops?

Apr 20,2020
Potassium nitrate is a kind of chemical fertilizer commonly used in agriculture, but many friends don't know much about potassium nitrate. Today's editor will give you a detailed introduction to what kind of fertilizer potassium nitrate belongs to and how potassium nitrate is applied to crops.

Potassium nitrate is a compound fertilizer of nitrogen and potassium, of which nitrogen is 13.5 and potassium is 46. It is considered to be a high-concentration potash fertilizer. Potassium nitrate is easy to move in the soil, suitable for top dressing of crops, especially in the middle and late period.

The nitrogen in potassium nitrate is nitrate nitrogen, which is conducive to crop absorption. In addition, the potassium content is relatively high, so it is used more during the crop expansion period, and the effect is also more obvious. However, during the coloring period of some crops, the amount of potassium nitrate should be used with caution. Excessive use will result in the fruit not being colored due to too much nitrogen.

Potassium nitrate is widely used in the agricultural source market. Potassium nitrate is a binary compound fertilizer. Potassium nitrate is a chlorine-free potassium and nitrogen compound fertilizer. The total content of phytonutrients potassium and nitrogen can reach about 50%. It has good physical and chemical properties. Potassium nitrate applied to tobacco has high fertilizer efficiency, easy absorption, promotes early seedling growth, increases tobacco yield, and plays an important role in improving tobacco quality.

Nitrate absorbs heat in the process of dissolution, so use it in small amounts as many times as possible in winter, and use it with humic acid products.

The use of potassium nitrate on various crops

Regarding the application of potassium nitrate on various crops, what I said below is for reference only. It is not used as a guide. It is used per acre and may not be suitable for all regions. You have to determine it according to the specific local conditions.

1. Apple: Once in the later 10-15 kg, use two punches.

2. Grapes: one-third of the grapes change color and use 5 kg.

3. Watermelon, melon, winter melon, etc.: 4-6 kg once in the later period, or 2-3 kg twice.

4. Banana: 5 kg once during fruit hanging, 3-4 times.

5. Beans, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables: 3-5 kg, once every half a month.

6. Potatoes and sweet potatoes: 5-10 kg in the later period, once.

In addition, the specific amount of drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and flushing application is also different, it is recommended that you try more. The amount of potassium nitrate has a lot to do with the base fertilizer and the number and method of use. This is why you see that others have used it very well, but the effect is not so good because you don’t know if it is in front of others. What is used.