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What are the symptoms of excessive plant fertilization?

What are the symptoms of excessive plant fertilization?

May 4,2020
Now fertilizer has become a must for growing crops, but do you know that too much fertilizer will harm? Let’s take a closer look today.

Nitrogen-1. The leaves are dark green and the leaves are large and soft 2. Less flowers, long

Phosphorus-1, easy to cause zinc and copper deficiency symptoms 2, easy to cause iron deficiency symptoms, erythema in the lower leaves

Potassium-1, easy to cause calcium and magnesium deficiency symptoms 2, leaf tip burnt

Calcium-1. The soil tends to become neutral or alkaline, causing insufficient trace elements (iron, manganese, zinc) 2. The color of the mesophyll becomes lighter, and red spots or streaks appear on the tip of the leaf.

Magnesium-1, withered leaf tips 2, leaf tissue color lightness at the leaf tip, normal color at the base of the leaf

Sulfur-1, salt damage, scorched leaf margin

Iron-1, easy to cause manganese deficiency

Boron-1. The tip of the leaf first, after the leaf edge is yellowed, the whole leaf is yellowed, and the leaves are fallen 2. The disease starts from the mature leaves

Zinc-1, the leaf tip and the edge of the leaf are lighter in color, and then gangrene 2. The tip of the leaf has small water-soaked spots

Manganese-1, abnormal deciduous

Copper-1, the mesophyll tissue is lighter in color and has stripes